Overwatch Season 1: Get On The Damn Point!

Thu 1st Sep 2016 - 1:06am Gaming

We played many hours of Quick Matches and going into Season 1 at launch with great anticipation for the sweet golden weapons but no solid preparation for team strategies kicked our team's butt.

Facing same characters on the opponent teams (like 2 Zaryas, 2 Bastions, or Winston's) on 4 different map types (control, assault, escort, hybrids) did not help our cause & the pressure was on for a good rank during the 1st 10 placement matches.

If the 1 hero limit no stack patch did not implement you would've seen our team break many elite controllers.

1 win=1 competitive point and we needed 300 wins at least to unlock for 1 golden weapon - that was the bad news. 

A month & 21 days of late night matches, teammates yelling "Shit, they need to nerf that", "Wtf just happened?", "Group up!", Badmonkey8me shouting "Get on the Damn point!" we grew as a Team to work together better, and NJOY'd some clutch moments.

Season 2 starts September 6 and we are ready for game balancing, more maps, new skill rating tiers, awesome loot/rewards, and more sweats.









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